About Us

"To offer our customer with innovative solutions and to always stay at the cutting edge of technology"
- this is what makes Binary Domain the forerunner in the IT and Automation industry.

But what exactly do we mean by this? How can the company be your IT and automation solution partner?


Founded in year 2006, Binary Domain is constantly looking for new and better ways as well as innovative ideas for our customers.

We have been providing customised automation applications ranging from factory automation, retail automation and public services solutions for our major clienteles in the sectors of oil & gas, aviation, multimedia and others for close to a decade now.

Our applications focus include self-service & kiosk solutions, transportation, home & building automation, video surveillance, gaming & entertainment, medical computing, digital signage solutions and many more.

We are proud to have grown our business over the years by focusing our commitment to long-term relationships with our partners and customers, while continually expanding our product and service offerings to meet their ever-changing needs.


The company comprises of enthusiastic, inspired and dedicated team members with years of experience and knowledge. We put our heads together and work hard to come up with great ideas to achieve quality for our customers by optimising our partnerships, building long-term customer relationships and investing in highly automated production, among others.

Our wealth of experience and expertise as an established IT solutions company also extend to provide comprehensive system integration hardware that encompasses a wide spectrum of applications.

At Binary Domain, we are united by a shared vision and committed to keep learning and improving every day.

We want our business to continue to grow because we want to reach more people locally and regionally and help business leaders turn ideas into money. From small companies to the largest corporations, we help leaders transform them all.